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Our History

Since its inception, Várri Consultancy has thrived as a challenger boutique firm, unified by a robust set of core values and an unwavering focus on transformative impact.

Today, we leverage multidisciplinary expertise in strategy, governance, and risk management to help organisations adapt and grow, delivering solutions that balance the interests of all stakeholders for long-term success.


19 June 2023 - Mentor at Riyadh Techstars

Founder Joins Riyadh Techstars "Mentor Magic" Program as a Mentor

In a commitment to fostering the next generation of entrepreneurial talent, our Founder took on a mentoring role in the Riyadh Techstars "Mentor Magic" program. This collaboration enables us to share Várri Consultancy's strategy, risk, and governance expertise with rising startups.


By actively participating in this initiative, we contribute to the innovation ecosystem and stay attuned to cutting-edge developments, thereby continually enriching our advisory services.

23 May 2023 - Named Among Top-100 Business Consulting Firms by Outsource Accelerator

Recognised Among the Top 100 Business Consulting Firms Globally

On 23 May 2023, Várri Consultancy was listed among the Top 100 business consulting firms globally by Outsource Accelerator, a leading outsourcing marketplace and advisory. This distinction comes from Outsource Accelerator's competitive pool of over 3,000 Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) firms worldwide. The recognition reinforces Várri Consultancy's standing as a noteworthy boutique consulting firm in its segment, excelling in delivering top-tier business and management consulting services on a global scale.

23 May 2023 - Named Among Top-100 Business Consulting Firms by Outsource Accelerator

6 April 2023 - Partnership With Clausematch

Strategic Partnership with Clausematch Unveiled

On 6 April 2023, Várri Consultancy announced its pioneering partnership with Clausematch, an esteemed technology company renowned for its regulatory compliance solutions. This collaboration marked Clausematch's first venture into the Middle East, amplifying our potential for governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) advisory innovation. This alignment combines the subject-matter expertise of Várri Consultancy and the state-of-the-art RegTech capabilities of Clausematch.



29 March 2023 - International Business Magazine Award

Awarded "Best Management Consulting Boutique Firm UAE 2023" by International Business Magazine

On 29 May 2023, The International Business Magazine named Várri Consultancy the "Best Management Consulting Boutique Firm UAE 2023." This accolade cements the firm's reputation as a standout performer among boutique consulting firms in the UAE. The award serves as a key milestone in the firm's evolving narrative, emphasising its commitment to delivering high-quality management consulting services.

29 March 2023 - International Business Magazine Award

20 March 2023 - First Intern

Inaugural Internship Program

On 20 March 2023, Várri Consultancy welcomed its first intern, Nouraldin Ismail, as a Sales and Marketing Analyst.


Launching our first internship program added a fresh perspective to our team and demonstrated our investment in the next generation of talent.


To learn firsthand about the enriching experience and skill development during our internship program, read Nouraldin's review.


6 December 2022 - Clutch Global Leader

Named Among Global Leaders in Business Services by Clutch

In an exemplary culmination to a year of significant industry accolades, Várri Consultancy has been recognised as one of the world's top business service providers for 2022 by Clutch, a leading B2B marketplace.


Out of more than 150,000 companies listed on the Clutch platform, Várri Consultancy ranked second in the global consulting segment and secured a position among the top 1,000 across all service categories. The recognition was predicated on the firm's industry expertise and proven ability to deliver outstanding results, as evidenced by the independently verified client reviews, aligning with the Clutch Leaders Awards methodology.

6 December 2022 - Clutch Global Leader

30 November 2022 - Moved to Emirates Towers

Office Relocation to Emirates Towers

On 30 November 2022, Várri Consultancy transitioned its headquarters and co-working office to the iconic Emirates Towers, signifying a major step in our growth trajectory.

29 October 2022 - International Business Magazine Awards

Várri Consultancy Garners Multiple Honors at International Business Magazine Awards

The International Business Magazine awarded Várri Consultancy two prestigious awards—“Best New Boutique Consulting Firm UAE 2022” and “Best Management Consulting Startup UAE 2022"—at a gala ceremony on 29 October at the iconic Atlantis the Palm, Dubai.


This milestone is a testament to the consultancy's burgeoning reputation and expertise in management consulting, underscoring Várri Consultancy's rapid strides since its inception. They also validate the consultancy's capacity to deliver highly specialised and practical solutions to its clients, thereby contributing to its strategic aims and market positioning.


Watch the Award Ceremony Highlights


Watch the Interview with Johnny Kollin


29 October 2022 - International Business Magazine Awards

28 September 2022 - Named a Clutch Leader in the UAE

Várri Consultancy Recognized as a Clutch Leader in the UAE

Várri Consultancy earned a prestigious position as a Clutch Leader in its annual list of top B2B service providers in the UAE. Ranking seventh among all B2B firms, this accolade is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering a new standard in management consultancy.

26 September 2022 - Solar Quarter Award

Johnny Kollin Receives Excellence in Corporate Advisory Leadership Award in Solar Energy

On 26 September 2022, our Founder was distinguished with the ‘Excellence in Corporate Advisory Leadership' award at the SolarQuarter Grand Masters Middle East Awards 2022. The awards ceremony was part of the Leadership Summit Middle East 2022.


This prestigious recognition places Johnny Kollin at the forefront of risk management and corporate advisory in the Middle East's burgeoning solar energy industry and underscores the firm's role in advancing sustainable energy solutions in the Middle East.

26 September 2022 - Solar Quarter Award


September 2021 - WBO Awards

Várri Consultancy Secures Double Recognition for Excellence in Strategy and Risk Management

Várri Consultancy achieved another significant milestone by garnering two prestigious awards at World Business Outlook, a leading Singapore-based business magazine and online portal.


The firm was honoured with the titles of ‘Leading Strategy and Risk Management Consulting Boutique in the UAE 2022’ and ‘Leading FinTech Risk Management Boutique in the UAE 2022,’ solidifying its reputation for exceptional risk management and strategic planning expertise.


The awards ceremony celebrated Várri Consultancy's significant impact on renewable energy and fintech sectors, highlighting successful projects with firms like ThreeEightSix and Sun in Motion LLC in solar power projects and advisory engagements with Pripen AB in Sweden.


23 March 2021 - FinTech Risk Study Revealed

Várri Consultancy Publishes Inaugural "UAE FinTech Survey 2021," Influencing Industry-wide Conversations on Risk and Strategy

In March 2021, Várri Consultancy unveiled the comprehensive "UAE FinTech Survey 2021," an extensive analysis that offers invaluable insights into the risk landscape facing the burgeoning FinTech sector in the UAE and the broader MENA region.


The survey drew participation from over a hundred industry leaders and shed light on the predominant risks, such as supply chain disruptions, liquidity risks, and cyber threats.


Notably, the survey found that a significant 77% of FinTech companies in the UAE are considering strategic business model shifts within the next 12 months.


This pioneering initiative underscores Várri Consultancy's commitment to fostering robust risk management practices and thought leadership within the FinTech community, thereby aiding the sector in navigating the complexities of an uncertain global environment.

23 March 2021 - FinTech Risk Study Revealed

1 February 2021 - TechStars Hub71 Mentor

Founder Engages as a Startup Mentor in the Techstars Hub71 Program

Embracing the role of a catalyst in the startup landscape, in February 2021, our Founder joined the Techstars Hub71 Program as a Startup Mentor. This strategic move amplifies Várri Consultancy's commitment to nurturing emerging business ventures, specifically those at the intersection of technology and regulatory compliance.


In offering our deep-rooted expertise to up-and-coming entrepreneurs, we contribute to the startup ecosystem and gain valuable insights into disruptive technologies, ensuring we maintain a forward-thinking advisory approach.


December 2020 - First Client Klaim

Várri Consultancy Signs First Client,, to Structure Claim Payment Acceleration Solution

Marking a pivotal moment in our journey, Várri Consultancy secured its first client,, in late 2021., an award-winning fintech company, aims to revolutionise the medical claims reimbursement process, enhancing the financial stability of healthcare providers in the GCC and beyond.


Our role was instrumental in structuring their Claim Payment Acceleration Solution and laying the foundations for their governance and risk management. This partnership underscored our resolve to offer cutting-edge solutions to fintech innovators, aligning with our risk management and governance speciality.


The successful engagement with validated our consulting approach and set the stage for future collaborations in the fintech space.


Learn More About Klaim


December 2020 - First Client Klaim

10 December 2020

Várri Consultancy Established in Dubai

Várri Consultancy was launched, marking the onset of a new era in multidisciplinary consulting services. Grounded in a robust set of core values, the firm began its journey in the fast-paced business landscape of Dubai. We committed ourselves to transforming challenges into opportunities by delivering impactful solutions that balance the interests of all stakeholders.


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