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Uncover Your Path to Fulfillment

We recognize that our team is the cornerstone of our success. Just as every summit is reached by traversing individual steps, each member's professional and personal well-being contributes to our collective ascent.

We believe in real and tangible support for our team members. We envision every career as a fulfilling journey, filled with growth, achievements, and meaningful experiences.

Our Rewards and Benefits program is designed to empower you on this path, providing you with the stability of a mountain in a dynamic landscape. We foster an environment where your skills, passions, and potential can thrive. Meaningful rewards and benefits are essential to your journey with us, and we're committed to recognizing your contributions and providing opportunities that foster your personal and professional growth. Explore the exceptional benefits and tailored career paths that await you as you embark on this fulfilling journey with us.

Unlocking Your Financial Potential

At Várri Consultancy, we are dedicated to recognising and rewarding your exceptional skills, contributions, and professional growth. Our comprehensive financial compensation package is a testament to this commitment. It is thoughtfully designed to acknowledge your unique value within our united expedition team. This package encompasses a competitive base salary, flexible allowances, and an annual performance-based bonus. As your journey with us unfolds, you will uncover an array of avenues that lead to the rewards you rightfully deserve. Your path to financial success starts here, with each step propelling you toward more significant benefits and opportunities.

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Base Salary

Your hard work deserves recognition. We provide a competitive base salary benchmarked against market rates. Our commitment is to ensure you are well-rewarded for your dedication.

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You are in control of your personal finances. We provide a flexible cash allowance that is not earmarked for specific expenses. Your allowance size is determined by your role and seniority, giving you the freedom to allocate it as you see fit. Like a winding road through a winter forest, your financial choices are yours to make.

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Flight Ticket

As a full-time employee, you will receive an annual return flight ticket to your home country with a premium airline. Soaring towards the sunset, we ensure your journey back home is comfortable and hassle-free.

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Performance-Driven Rewards

Together we can achieve great things. Our performance-based annual cash incentive program acknowledges and celebrates your accomplishments and ongoing growth. Join us on this rewarding journey towards success.

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End-of-Service Gratuity

Employees with one year or more of continuous service are entitled to an end-of-service gratuity upon the termination of employment, calculated in line with the UAE Labour Law.

Prioritising Your Health

At Várri Consultancy, we place your well-being at the forefront. Every team member benefits from a comprehensive healthcare insurance policy encompassing medical and dental care, offering access to a premium network of healthcare providers. Additionally, our commitment to your health extends to round-the-clock telehealth services for convenience and peace of mind. Your health is our priority.

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Comprehensive Healthcare Coverage

Our employees enjoy robust regional healthcare coverage that goes beyond the statutory minimum, encompassing a wide array of medical services, prescription medications, and 24/7 access to tele-consultation. Your well-being is our priority, just like a secure lifeline in challenging terrain.

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Comprehensive Dental Coverage

Our employee insurance plans encompass routine dental checkups (with a 20% coinsurance and an annual limit) and emergency outpatient treatment. To enhance your dental well-being, take advantage of discounts at our preferred dental clinic in Dubai. We ensure your smile stays as bright as a winter's day.

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International Coverage

Our insurance plans extend beyond borders, providing coverage not only in the UAE but also in a minimum of one additional country. Rest assured, you are globally protected, with access to emergency medical treatment and assistance wherever your travels take you. It is like having a safety net that stretches across the seas.

Balancing Life Beyond the Office

Embracing the agile spirit of a boutique startup, we have embraced a hybrid work model since our inception. We prioritise open discussions and mutual agreements with our employees and clients to craft a working model that harmoniously accommodates and balances everyone's needs and preferences. Your life outside of work matters, and we are here to ensure it thrives alongside your career.

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Parental Leave

Várri Consultancy offers a generous parental leave policy that significantly exceeds UAE statutory requirements for both mothers and fathers. Our leave benefits are tiered, offering a more extensive package for longer-serving team members while still providing considerable support for newer employees.

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Work-Life Harmony

We understand the importance of balancing work and life. That is why we provide flexible hours, allowing employees, based on their roles, to adjust their start and end times and their workload on specific days. It is all about achieving a harmonious work-life blend that benefits the individual employee, our colleagues, and clients. Like striking a perfect yoga pose in your daily routine.

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Hybrid Working

Enjoy the best of both worlds with our hybrid location model. Spend part of your week at a state-of-the-art co-working facility and the rest wherever you are most productive — be it at home, a client’s office, or another suitable location. This flexible approach provides a seamless balance between work-life integration and project requirements

Your Well-Deserved Time Off

Dubai, at the heart of global connectivity, offers boundless opportunities for exploration. With our generous annual leave allowance, you can make the most of this strategic location as a gateway to the Middle East and beyond. We understand that work-life balance is essential, which is why we provide various types of leave to support your well-being, ensuring you thrive both in your professional and personal pursuits.

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Enjoy a minimum of 25 days of "beach time" each year to recharge and unwind. Your commitment to our ascent is rewarded with even more time for your own personal tide to come in as we progressively increase your annual leave to enrich both your professional journey and personal horizons.

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Study Leave

Take advantage of up to ten working days per year designated for academic pursuits. This time allows you to concentrate on your studies and exams, giving you the peace and solitude often only found in mountain retreats as you enrich both your professional skills and personal well-being.

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Rest & Recovery

Benefit from up to 45 days of paid sick leave annually to help you fully recuperate. The initial 15 days are fully compensated, followed by 30 days at half pay. Beyond this, you can take an additional 45 days of unpaid leave, allowing you the comfort and rest essential to your well-being.

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Mourning & Solace

In times of loss, you are granted up to 5 days of paid bereavement leave, offering you the space to tend to what truly matters, much like a stream carving its path through the winter landscape

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Unique Sabbatical Opportunity

Empowering our team to explore life beyond work, we extend the option for up to a 30-day unpaid leave of absence during one's tenure.

Whether embarking on a spiritual journey like a pilgrimage or other significant pursuits, this special leave is designed for you to recharge and reconnect with what matters most.

Perks & Benefits

We have joined some of the region's most prestigious brands to offer an employee portal designed to make your life easier. This portal streamlines people-related tasks and simplifies administrative workflows. Plus, our corporate membership opens doors to exclusive staff benefits and programs, giving you access to discounts and offers in the world of hospitality, travel, and retail. Your convenience and satisfaction are our top priorities.

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Aerial view of an abstract natural pattern in a winter landscape with a mountain stream in the Swiss Alps.

Digital Empowerment

With convenience and efficiency in mind, our team members have the ability to administer their benefits, manage leave applications, update contact details, access pay slips, and request official letters—all through an intuitive digital portal accessible via both desktop and mobile platforms.

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Exclusive Lifestyle Perks

Unlock a world of exclusive savings across dining, hotels, services, and travel. Enjoy preferential rates and special offers from esteemed brands like AirFrance/KLM Group, Emirates, The Entertainer, and Mediclinic.

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Elevate Your Skillset

Seize the chance to expand your professional horizons through specialised courses and training programs. Whether you are keen on financial modelling, data analysis, or mastering Microsoft Office, options like Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) certifications are available to take your skills to the next level.


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