Scale new heights. Your impact is immediate.

Woman walking in the desert during sunset aerial view.

Embark on Our Collective Journey

We are in the business of scaling new heights and navigating intricate terrains—be it the challenging landscapes of management consulting or the ever-shifting sands of the business environment. At Várri Consultancy, we form a united expedition team that is fearless in the face of complexity and inspired by the clear vistas of transparency. We work diligently, respect individual genius, foster seamless collaboration, and, above all, magnify each member's immediate impact on our collective journey. With us, you will find the stability of a mountain in an ever-changing landscape, alongside the invigorating feeling of having moved mountains to achieve substantial impact.

Immediate Impact

At Várri Consultancy, you are not just a snowflake in a blizzard; you are part of the avalanche driving transformative solutions. Your contributions are felt from day one.

Tailored Ascent

Our boutique scale allows us to craft individualized climbing paths up the mountain of opportunity. Gain multidisciplinary experience and expand your skill set in a manner that aligns with your unique summit goals.

Dune Navigator

In the shifting sands of today's business landscape, we empower you with the tools, knowledge and support to navigate challenges and turn them into stepping stones on your journey to professional mastery.

Swedish Business Council UAE directors dressed in Swedish national dresses visit the Várri Consultancy team. They're holding small Swedish flags.
Close-up of Ihtishaam Khan in business attire at the Seamless Middle East conference.
The Emirates Towers in Dubai, UAE, shot from below with the sun reflecting in the building and a clear blue sky behind. A palm tree in the forefront.
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Our Values

Our values are the compass guiding us through the dynamic terrains of business and consulting. They define not just our culture but also the unique journey each team member embarks upon with Várri Consultancy.

Hear from Our Valued Alumni

Our success is not just measured by our current team but also by the achievements of our alumni. Explore the journeys of our former colleagues as they share their perspectives and insights. Visit our Alumni Testimonials page to learn more about their fulfilling experiences and the impact it had on their careers.

Ihtishaam Khan and Nouraldin Ismail at an event.

Discover the Rewards and Benefits of Being Part of Our Team

At Várri Consultancy, we believe in rewarding our dedicated team members. Explore the comprehensive rewards and benefits that come with a career here. From competitive compensation to professional development opportunities, we provide a supportive environment where your talents can flourish. Learn more about the rewards of joining our team.

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Explore Job Opportunities

Ready to elevate your career in the dynamic business landscape of Dubai? At Várri Consultancy, a distinguished boutique consulting firm, we provide an exceptional platform for your skills and enthusiasm to thrive. Whether you are a seasoned professional or launching your career, we present enticing job openings tailored to your ambitions. Explore our vacant positions and take the next step in your career.

Woman walking in the desert during sunset aerial view.