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At Várri Consultancy, our core values guide us in balancing the needs of all stakeholders. With expertise in finance, law, and technology, we go beyond consulting to deliver transformative solutions.


Meet Our Founder.

As the guiding force behind Várri Consultancy, our Founder embodies the perfect blend of steadfast stability and agile adaptability, uniting Nordic resilience with Middle Eastern dynamism to lead the firm in delivering impactful solutions.

Johnny Kollin in business attire, smiling, a wooden wall behind him.

Johnny Kollin

Founder & Managing Director

Johnny Kollin pioneers our team with a unique blend of expertise and innovation, driving our success with his passion for blending traditional financial principles with cutting-edge solutions.

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Discover the unique synergy of financial expertise, risk management, and technological innovation. With Várri Consultancy, you do not just navigate complexities—you master them. Position yourself at the vanguard of innovation and regulatory compliance.

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