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Várri Consultancy and RiskSmart Team Up for Next-Gen Risk Management

Várri Consultancy and RiskSmart Team Up for Next-Gen Risk Management

The strategic collaboration between the UAE boutique consulting firm and the UK-based risk management software provider promises streamlined governance, risk, and compliance solutions for diverse industries.

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates; MANCHESTER, England (March 1, 2024) – Várri Consultancy and RiskSmart are pleased to announce a strategic technology partnership, combining the award-winning strategy and risk consulting services of Várri Consultancy with RiskSmart’s leading cloud-based risk management software. This collaboration aims to empower businesses with comprehensive and efficient risk management solutions.

RiskSmart’s intuitive platform streamlines risk management by centralising risk data in one accessible location, eliminating the need for fragmented processes and spreadsheets. It automates critical tasks such as risk assessment, issue management and reporting, saving valuable time and resources. Additionally, the platform ensures compliance with relevant regulations and industry best practices while providing real-time visibility of organisations’ risks, enabling proactive decision-making.

Várri Consultancy brings vital expertise in developing and implementing customised risk management frameworks tailored to individual client needs. Rooted in the real-world experiences of its founder, the boutique consulting firm supports business executives with navigating complex risks and regulatory requirements, enabling them to achieve their strategic goals confidently. The client-centric approach has earned the firm a place as a Top Consulting Company for two consecutive years by Clutch, a leading global marketplace of business-to-business service providers.

This strategic technology partnership offers a combined approach, allowing businesses to feel confident in implementing a solution seamlessly supported by the expertise of Várri Consultancy, guaranteeing long-term success. Both parties will collaborate to address different sectors’ unique risk challenges, providing tailored solutions and industry-specific guidance. Ultimately, it represents a mutually beneficial collaboration, allowing RiskSmart and Várri Consultancy to leverage their networks in a positive and meaningful way, expanding their reach and impact.

Ryan Swann, Founder of RiskSmart, comments:

We are thrilled to partner with Várri Consultancy to empower businesses with a holistic approach to risk management. Their expertise, combined with our intuitive platform, will equip clients with the tools and ongoing support they need to navigate today’s risk landscape with confidence.

Johnny Kollin, Founder of Várri Consultancy, says:Close-up of Johnny Kollin sitting at a table smiling at the camera, with a smartphone and laptop on the table. Dubai skyline in the background.

Over the years, I’ve spent countless hours lost in meetings and bogged down in spreadsheets. This experience has shown me that businesses need both better technology and deeper, actionable strategic risk advice. At Várri Consultancy, we’ve been that change, offering hard-won insights from extensive, hands-on experience — the kind of practical wisdom larger firms often overlook. Partnering with RiskSmart, we’re setting a new, accessible standard that combines real insights with innovative technology to deliver what our clients truly deserve.

About Várri Consultancy

Várri Consultancy is a modern, independent management consulting boutique specialising in strategy, risk, and governance advisory. Várri Consultancy provides reliable solutions that build trust in a time of uncertainty and fundamental world changes. The focus is on economic, societal, and environmental sustainability to create more stable, long-term opportunities for all stakeholders. https://varri.com

About RiskSmart

RiskSmart is a leading provider of cloud-based risk management software, empowering businesses of all sizes to simplify and improve their risk management processes. Their intuitive platform helps organisations centralise risk data, automate critical tasks, ensure compliance, and gain real-time visibility into their risk landscape. www.risksmart.com

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